Knowing When to Replace Locks with the help of North Point Locksmith

Knowing when to replace locks at home can be confusing. Many homeowners don’t know if it’s time to avail of a replacement or if their locks can still be repaired. Here at North Point Locksmith, we can advise of what’s best for your property.

So for this post, we will guide you through the situations where new locks are needed. Take note that lock replacements can be done even if what you have is still new. Below, we discussed four of the most common situations on which new locks are much needed.

Change locks if someone moved out

Did you just settle a divorce? Did a pesky roommate just move out? During these situations, having your locks changed is a good move. You’ll never know if that person will come barging into your private property.

Knowing when to replace locks shouldn’t be difficult, especially if you think that the other person’s key will be compromised. As much as lock replacements will cost a fee, it’s much better than losing sleep while overthinking about your safety. If you need locksmith services, don’t hesitate to call us at North Point Locksmith.

Also, if you moved into a new home or apartment, consider having the locks changed as well. You’ll never know who else has access to the locks.

Knowing When to Replace Locks with the help of North Point Locksmith

Your old locks are faulty

If your current locks at home are heavily damaged and starting to fail, it’s time to invest for a replacement. Besides, old locks with cylinder structures are easy to bump. This makes your home an easy-picking for burglars.

When purchasing and installing new locks, aim to invest in modern technology. For areas with high rates of burglary, a deadbolt lock could be ideal.

Never take chances with faulty locks. Once a thief realized that your home has poor security, it will only take a matter of time before they break into your property.

You purchased a home with substandard locks

If you purchased a new home, don’t forget to check the quality of the locks used. If it’s substandard or uses the old cylinder locks, opt for a replacement. This way, your new property will have better security.

Again, just because the locks are new doesn’t always mean that it’s reliable enough. For example, if you have expensive jewelry and other possessions, you should consider an advanced locking system for your home.

Take note that investing in durable locks is better than having to deal with losses due to burglary.

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Someone broke into your home

When to replace locks? If someone broke into your home and compromised your property’s security features, you should consider a replacement. This is especially true if the locks were damaged.

Aside from that, you should have the locks replaced right away. You’ll never know if the criminal will come back to take their second loot. Call North Point Locksmith and we will respond within minutes!

For areas with high rates of theft, the addition of security cameras will also be helpful. Aside from that, you should only reliable locksmiths to fix the lock problem for you. That way, you’ll have peace of mind that family is safe.

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