VATS Keys Service

If your Vehicle Anti-theft System (VATS) keys are malfunctioning in any way, there is no other option than to hire our professional locksmith for a VATS keys service. If you would not have it fixed, you would not only leave your car at risk for theft; it might also become unusable if your current VATS key doesn’t work anymore.

Quality Auto Locksmith Services

At North Point Locksmith, our experienced and reliable locksmiths have the right knowledge and tools to provide you the quality services to make your vehicle secure again. We are trained and equipped to work with all kinds of vehicle models and makes.

There are a lot of tutorial videos on the Internet on how to fix malfunctioning VATS keys, it is not advisable to do it yourself since VATS keys are a lot more complicated than regular keys used for house doors. You need to make it done by our professional as we are more experienced in taking care of these issues.

VATS Keys Service
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Quick response at your location

Problems with keys often come without warning, but lucky for you, our team at North Point Locksmith can come to you on short notice. We understand the frustration of having your car keys malfunction especially when you’re out for a trip or even just while going to work.

That’s why at North Point Locksmith, we are always prepared for emergency locksmith services. All you need to do is contact us and we’ll be ready to help you fix your auto keys at your location. We ensure 15-minute response time to get you moving again as quickly as possible.

Best locksmith prices

Duplicating or repairing a VATS key costs more than other locksmith services such as household key repair. Costs may also  increase if you want electronic features like a remote system. However, while a VATS key service is more expensive, with North Point Locksmith, you can trust that it won’t get more expensive than it needs to be.

You won’t have to spend too much dime for securing your vehicle and having a daily driver again with the help of our fair and competitive locksmith rates. We can curate a free service quotation for you to give you the best prices for your needs and budget.

Contact Professional Locksmiths

Our licensed and bonded technicians have extensive experience working with VATS in various kinds of vehicles. Due to this, whatever vehicle you may have, we can guarantee that your VATS key would be fixed.

Furthermore, if repairing it will not work, we can install brand new VATS keys to keep your vehicle safe and secure. We always look into the problem carefully but in case unexpected things happen and we make a mistake, do not worry as our services are insured. We will take care of everything to solve the issue.

VATS key service will require locksmiths to gain access to your keys. At North Point Locksmith, our technicians are trustworthy and service-centered. We practice confidentiality agreement and conduct. So if you encounter issues on your VATS keys, contact our professional locksmiths today.

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